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'We need to teach the younger generation the importance of family values' - K1 speaks on growing trend of baby-mamas

Last month, King Wasiu Ayinde’s wife, Titi Masha welcomed a baby girl named Royal Princess Melissa Marshal in Chicago, USA. Speaking on how he felt, KI told LIB that,
'It makes me feel good, that's the greatest present my wife said she'll give me and she did'.

He then continued to speak on the growing trend of Baby-Mamas in the industry saying the way out is to teach the importance of family values to the younger generation.
In his words, 'the truth is the Baby-mama trend is not peculiar to entertainment alone, it's a general issue and the best we can do is a lot of education to let young minds understand the importance of family values.

What keeps me going is the fact that I always remember why great family values, how my parents raised me and always did things together. We can't force these things on people, we can only talk them into understanding how beautiful it is and how we can tolerate one another and also make them see reasons why it is important. I believe with time, it'll happen'.

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