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I Insist That Jesus Christ Killed Himself And These Are My Reasons

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Suicide mission
This term is familiar to military personnel and people who are interested in the armed forces. Simply put, a suicide mission is an activity that is so dangerous that those who participate have a very high chance of dying. 

Think about the great work done by soldiers and other military professionals battling terrorism all over the world. Imagine a situation in which Soldier A has to get into enemy territory for whatever purpose and is not going to make it out alive. Such a mission would be termed a suicide mission, not because Soldier A will shoot himself in the head but because embarking on the mission despite knowing that it will result in death is suicidal. 

Editor’s note: Christians all over the world believe Jesus came to save mankind and take their sins away by sacrificing himself. In this opinion by Jasper Jaja, he argues that the action of Jesus coming to the earth for a mission that would kill him was tantamount to a suicide mission. 

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